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Scholarships & Financial Aid

We believe that all Canadians should have access to education and great jobs. This is why we committed to offering a variety of scholarships and low-risk financial aid options to help kick start your learning journey. Not sure where to start?

Flexible Monthly Payment Plan

Flexible Monthly Payment Plan means OCBL graduates pay very little upfront tuition in fact only $500, then start paying a set monthly tuition amount.

Choose a payment plan with up to


monthly installments

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG)

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) is offered by
the Government of Ontario to help companies excel in their employees.

If you think that a course at Ontario College of Business & Technology might help excel in your career by getting a raise, receiving a promotion, or simply expanding your current skills, your employer can apply to receive this grant on your behalf.

If approved, your employer can pay as little as 16% of the total cost of your OCBL course and associated expenses, and the government will cover the rest.

We actually created a downloadable brochure to make it easier for you to get additional information on how
to apply.

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

What is it?
RESP stands for Registered Education Savings Plan.

How do I use my RESP?
Provide required documentation to support your request. To withdraw money from an RESP, contact your RESP provider. They will ask to see official proof of enrollment before issuing the Educational Assistance Payment. They may also provide you with a list of allowable expenses that the money can be used for, or they may ask for receipts for school purchases to prove the money is being spent on allowable educational expenses.

Second Career Program

What is it?
Second Career Program is a Government of Ontario funding initiative. You may qualify for up to $28,000 to cover your training expenses, according to your personal financial situation. Second Career funding may be used to pay for things like tuition, accommodation, materials and transport and is non-reimbursable.

Am I eligible

You are eligible for Second Career Program financial aid if the following applies to you:

  • You have been laid off, on sick leave or maternity/ paternal leave; or your employment contract has ended;
  • You are unemployed or under-employed (less than 20 hours per week);
  • You are an Ontario resident;
  • You wish to take one of our diploma programs.

How do I apply

To apply for this financial assistance:

  • Prepare your resume and keep records of your job searches and applications
  • Come for a pre-assessment session with one of our admissions advisors
  • Make an appointment with an employment advisor at a government agency to confirm that you qualify
  • Find a program meeting your educational needs
  • Prepare all required documents
  • Send your Second Career application off for approval

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Training Funding

Ontario College of Business & Technology is an approved WSIB training provider.

What is it?
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Training Funding is a financial assistance initiative you may qualify for.

Am I eligible?
Your WSIB case worker can tell you if you are eligible for this financial aid.

Social Assistance (Ontario Works)

  • Do you currently have Social Assistance (Ontario Works)
  • Are you looking to enhance your knowledge and skills?
  • Are you ready to return to the workforce?
  • Are you interested in starting a new career, fast?
You may qualify for financial aid for education and training if you wish to end your reliance on Ontario Works and enter the workforce. Speak to your Ontario Works caseworker to see what some of our programs you qualify for.

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

  • Are you receiving Ontario Disability Support Program benefit?
  • Are you able to work and looking for a new career?

If so, you may be eligible for ODSP financial assistance for training, allowing you to complete one of our exciting career focused programs, fast.